Legal Services

Located in Airdrie, Alberta, Adam S. Benarzi Law office is a full service law firm, well-versed in several areas of legal services to best suit your needs. As an experienced lawyer, Adam S. Benarzi can provide legal assistance in the following areas:

  • Civil Litigation

    Civil Litigation runs the gamut of the law, and can touch on property disputes, contract disputes, defamation and negligence among many other legal issues. More Information.

  • Family Law

    At a time when you are stressed, the tension is high and you are at your most fragile it is important to seek legal counsel who can help you to wade through the waters. More Information.

  • Administrative Law

    Administrative Law is a unique field of law that relates to public administration and government agencies, tribunals etc. More Information.

  • Construction Law

    Airdrie is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and as a result, there is a growing need for lawyers experienced in the area of construction law. More Information.

  • Employment & Labour Law

    Employment and Labour law encompasses a number of issues between employees and their employers. More Information.

  • Wills and Estates

    Wills deal with what happens to your debts and assets after you have passed away, along with addressing guardianship for any minor children who survive you. More Information.

  • Real Estate

    If you are buying, selling or refinancing a home, you’ll need an experienced lawyer to assist you with the final paperwork. More Information.

  • Corporations

    Start your business off right with advice on shareholder or partnership agreements, director responsibilities, minute-book obligations, legal contracts and other information personalized to your business. More Information.

With his experience, Adam has succeeded for his clients at several levels: in Provincial Court, the Court of Queen's Bench and the Federal Court.
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